4th annual Liberate Music & Yoga Fest wrap-up

Prana Dance YogaThe 4th annual Liberate Music & Yoga Festival was hands down, the all-time best.  As Jeremy Lach of String Cheese Radio wrote in his review, “The Liberate festival was everything I had hoped it would be.  Full of friendly and inspiring, respectful people; no lines; no mile treks to the stage; perfect weather; new experiences; and quality music.  It was a relaxing vacation and a spiritual awakening and I would definitely return next year.” Read more here…
Conspirator at Liberate FestivalThis year’s main-stage headliner, Conspirator, is comprised of bassist and keyboardist for the Disco Biscuits, Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner along with guitarist Chris Michetti of RAQ and for this particular performance, Mike Greenfield of Lotus on drums- who played Liberate with Lotus in 2010.  The Liberate vibe clearly inspired these musicians and the crowd, who danced wildly throughout the show.  The set ended with Brownie and Michetti being light-hearted with eachother and boasting huge smiles.  When Conspirator returned for the 3rd encore in Liberate history (all three at this year’s 4th annual), Brownie declared that the Liberate crowd was the best crowd he had ever played too.  As Lach wrote in his review, “Clearly the band felt good about their performance.”
Gong the PlanetIn addition to the musicians and fans feeling totally in the zone, the Yoga Tent rocked from dusk till dawn.  Whether the workshop was a quiet meditative experience, awakening soul-movement dance, kirtan, or high-voltage vinyasa- people loved Liberate yoga! Even for those who did not actually practice, the calm and peaceful positive energy of yoga infused the festival.
To everyone who made this such a special weekend- Thank you! May the high vibrations spread…


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