Liberate Late Night
THROW BACK THURSDAY on FACEBOOK: What was your favorite moment at Liberate? 

Nessim Watson Thursday morning 4am: My late Dad says “Hi” in the form of a giant rainbow that elongated in front of my sleepy eyes over the silent empty concert field.

Megan Arctic Spunfox conspirator playing pink floyd

Joe Popiwny Garcia project all the way or maybe seeing jason lee and the milkshakes dank

Garret Worley Watching Jonny burst out of his tent at 10:30 covered in sweat and saying, “Don’t go in there!”

 Abby F Adams The porter pottys smelling like zebra gum mmm

 Jillian Monack The crowd being orchestrated with Everyone Orchestra

 Thomas Fiske future simple project Kristen O’Gorman The tuba.

 Reggs Benedict Raging the top of an RV watching the sunset drinking a bag of wine with the best crew on lot. That and Conspirator

 Em Cee Tied between restarting the friday night bonfire twice, and becoming a transformer and killin it

 Mark Smith I don’t think facebook will let me type that many favorites but the people, the new friends, the best friends and the smiles everywhere are on the top of the list

 Bar Bee Giving Kal my home-mage Rubble-Buckety earrings and her wearing them for their performance. Magical!

 Elijah W. Sobel everyone orchestra’s set

 Jackie Pomposelli rubblebucket!

 Mike Romero Passing out O& K stickers to everyone during the most awesome set Conspirator.

 Alyce Jones aside from the people, the music, the art, the yoga and everything in between…Jacob doing children’s playful yoga with Bala and watching him get gonged sitting like a chill little Buddha – amazing xoxo

 Mikey Fisher napping everyday with my back on earth, acoustic fire rehearsal, bass culture, lynx, new friends! oh man honestly it just keeps goin….

 Daniel Gregory Khalaf AHHHHH CAN’T STOP DANCING

 Bobby Seaman Rubblebucket dance session… Whats up Doc?

 Patrick William watching everything come together , twiddle, Miraja, giggle fest at the camp site with the krew, “Liberate” tag with Pat S, Old friends, New friends, gOngzzzz, Moon, Stars, Sun, Clouds, the Bright green Grass hopper,yellow rod, FSP Chanting, and the Super DANK MAPLE ICE COFFEE!!! really it was perfect…

 Patrick William and lets not forget when Nugget and I, got to dance with Ben, Jane, and Sage, and friends during the Rubble set!!! this show couldn’t happen without them!!!! thanks guys, Much love!

 Mike Rivers Prana Dance Ecstacy

 Anthony Gibbons bucket

 Lindsay Weisberg the gongs and rubblebucket!and all the liberating good vibes

 Kyle Murphy Bugs Bunny making a guest appearance.

 Kirsten Edey Loved Everyone Orchestra, that was simply amazing! Improv is so powerful. And Primate Fiasco was just too hilarious, funky, and beautiful to believe. On friday night I bedded down early (~1am). I could hear people howling and hooting as the bonfire was lit. Suddenly there was an outrageous noise right over my head: it was a barred owl, responding to the fire-watchers.

 The Human Canvas (THC) RubbleBucket Rocked it! 
BassCulture & Future Simple Project made us all dance, 
The Live Body Painting was Amazing! 
Conspirator took us away!
Ben & Jane made us all smile 

 Ntchota Badila I like how I just got 2 rip the stage with dance moves without being able 2 c , o n non stop dancing all weekend

 Blake Bolt Lynx’s beat boxing got the Thursday night crowd revved up, Primate Fiasco was super entertaining, and Conspirator was just plain awesome.

 James Burton how about when the dude from lucid jammed with twiddle? sooooo sick…and i met a few cool ladies. gotta love liberate. it’s my favorite festival


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