Am I ready to teach yoga?

Yoga teacher training is a big commitment and therefore a decision to make carefully.

To help those of you who may be wondering, Is now the right time for me to attend a Yoga Teacher Training? Am I ready?, Liberate School of Yoga came up with the following blog.

You Practice Yoga (a lot).
Yoga is a beautifully individual experience. We encourage you to find your own way, a teacher, and a consistent practice that inspires you (which is rooted in traditional yoga).

When you’re not at yoga class but you’re fantasizing about the next time you can be, exploring studios all over town and everywhere you go, excited for the chance to be quiet at home and practice sadhana alone…you could be ready.

When you find drop-in yoga classes at your studio or gym are too short and not covering enough material for you, when you want to learn about more than just asana and how to expertly teach asana and the other branches of yoga, it could be the perfect time to attend your 200 hour YTT.

When you attend a Yoga Teacher Training, it’s important you develop a home practice first. This is to prepare you in body, mind, and spirit for daily yoga and lots of it. A good yoga instructor must have a strong personal practice. It is only through sadhana and yoga practice, focused meditation, that we achieve results of transformation.

You’re ready for a change:
Do you feel bored or unfulfilled at work? Do you sense that you could be doing something more meaningful with your time or take your profession in .a new, more holistic direction? Even if you’re not fully ready to teach- are you someone with an innate desire to share yoga?

You love yoga:
If you feel committed to yoga, love yoga lifestyle, history, philosophy, anatomy, ethics…you could be a great instructor.

You respect yourself and others:
A good yoga instructor is reliable and shows up authentically for students and teaching obligations on time. A good yoga instructor is someone professional who can hold sacred and safe space and ethical conduct.

Someone who is humble, yet confident, someone who actually wants to teach, is a good fit for Liberate RYS.  Stay flexible. Pun intended. You may have students of all levels and that you’ll be expected to speak, watch, listen, and practice metta (loving kindness) as you guide people through yoga class. You never know who may attend or what may arise in your teaching setting.

You’re ready to do the work:
Are you ready to dive deeply? Yoga requires us to examine our shadow side. Are you willing to be present with whatever comes up for you on this inner journey?

Feelin the Flow’
Perhaps now you observe things are falling into place for you to attend this training? The funds may be aligning easily, the time off possible, you could qualify for a grant, you may be nearby the a Liberate RYS training at the right time?

Make sure you like the style being offered. Become familiar and resonant with the school’s faculty where you wish to attend.

Why Liberate RYS in particular? 
Liberate Yoga School is approved by Yoga Alliance with a staff of internationally acclaimed yoga instructors at revolving retreat destinations. A few things which make Liberate RYS unique include our respect for the Earth as a kosha, layer of our being, and the underlying themes of Green Yoga, music, and Humanitarianism in our trainings.  We offer small trainings to maximize the attention each participant receives. Our faculty remains available as a resource after the trainings.

To learn more about us visit liberatevt.com/ytt

ENJOY your journey. Namaste!


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