Shopping and Food

Liberators enjoy the Marketplace for it’s vibrant offerings from around the world and delicious local food. You will find art, clothing, jewelry, and musical instruments. We choose vendors that are creative, mindful, and forward thinking in a positive way.

Liberate Gear

At the Liberate Merch Booth you can score Liberate hoodies, T’s, yoga mats, water-bottles and more…keep the Liberate vibe present throughout the year until we meet again next summer! Liberate Music & Yoga Festival, is founded by Eclectic Music Productions, LLC. EMP produces large-scale yoga and music events (Liberate, Burlington Yoga Conference and more events forthcoming), with a focus on health, happiness, and sustainability. EMP’s flagship festival, Liberate, was first launched in Vermont in 2008 and has steadily grown in size and scope to become a summer tradition for Vermont residents and fans from coast to coast. EMP remains committed to world-class events at affordable prices and to its grass roots beginnings.

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Karma Warriors

Karma Warrior Clothes is a company created for everyone who just wants to do a little more—a little more for those in need, a little more for their planet, a little more for the world.
Our clothes are made with eco-friendly materials and are inspired by the idea that yoga should be lived, and not just practiced in the studio. We start with earth-friendly materials and work with local artists and small businesses to produce globally conscious apparel with a community-driven mindset. With each purchase, we also donate 12 percent of the sale to charity, creating a product that will make you both look and feel like the inspiration you are to the world.

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Mountain Lotus

Welcome to Mountain Lotus! Handcrafted organic clothing and adornment. Our focus is on creating comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable clothing for all women. All pieces are professionally handcrafted with the intention of making a difference in the world!

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integra Tees

Good for you inside and out! Positive Messaging Outside, 100% organic cotton inside…integra Tees makes clothes that are comfortable and stylish – stuff they want to wear themselves. integra Tees products do as little harm to the environment as possible – and look great. Change your t-shirt, change your mind.

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George Gonzalez

George Gonzalez sells hand-thrown and hand painted pottery with designs inspired by his spirituality. He also sell hand silk-screened t-shirts and posters with similarly-inspired deigns and motifs. Gonazalez sees himself as a shaman manifesting my work from earth, water and fire. With the use of magical symbols and sacred geometry, his work represents the transcendence from the mundane to the sacred, how we perceive and invoke deeper meanings in all things around us. Be sure to check out his hand printed posters and ceramic tile/trivets.

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Grassroots California

Grassroots California™ is a progressive clothing line that makes quality merchandise at affordable prices and donates a percentage of its proceeds on every purchase. It was our vision to create a company that gives back to the communities we live in and around the globe.

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Trinity Botanicals

Trinity Botanicals offers natural body care products made with a combination of healing herbs, infused oils, aromatherapy and love to inspire health and beauty. Trinity Botanicals believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Therefore they never use harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives and fragrances in an effort to restore, pamper and repair your body into natural harmony and balance.
Products range from $2-$20: Body butter, soap, eye serum, lotion, herbal salves, balms, & aromatherapy sprays…

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VZK Henna

Veronika has done extensive research on the different uses and styles of henna and is well versed in the intricate paisley line work of Indian henna, as well as the floral and geometric patterns of the Middle East and Africa. Veronika also has a unique talent for creating fusion and modern designs that incorporate patterns from a variety of cultures. Whatever you have in mind, Veronika can work with you to create just the right look.

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Gratefuldons Silver and Sarong

Gratefuldons Silver and Sarong specializes in incredible hand made Thai Dye clothing for all occasions along with a variety of different crafts. Gratefuldons offers fine silver jewelry and tie-dye women’s clothing and accessories (dresses, skirts, bags, tops and more….) Check them out at Liberate Fest!

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JDC’s Just Delicious Catering

JDC’s Just Delicious Catering is owned and operated by Chef Jason Clark (Johnson & Wales Graduate) and his wife Sarah. For over 10 years Chef Jason has been creating scrumptious dishes and serving local cuisine in Vermont. You also might see JDC’s Just Delicious Catering at the many great festivals and markets that VT has- BBQing up tasty local food! They specialize in using local and organic farm fresh meats and produce whenever possible. JDC’s Just Delicious Catering supports their local farmers and businesses. Farm fresh food just tastes better! JDC composts waste to use as tomorrows soil. They are a “green” business.

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Farm Fresh Lunch Truck

Their mission is simple. Create classic street food using the freshest local ingredients available. Farm Fresh Lunch Truck is dedicated to serving customers the very freshest ingredients purchased directly from farms.The result is a better product at a lower price, especially compared to most localvore restaurants.

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Good to Go

Good to Go are longtime members of the Vermont Fresh Network and feature freshly prepared foods with Vermont ingredients and global flavors. Vegetarians and omnivores filled and happy!

Menu Includes: Chinese style steamed dumplings (chicken or pork), Sesame-Peanut Noodle Salad w/ veggies-add sweet and spicy pork sauce, Vt. Corn Fritters- chipotle dipping sauce, crispy Vermont Soy tofu w/ sweet chili dipping sauce, fresh  squeezed and brewed drinks and our own homemade chocolate chip cookies!

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Ahli Baba’s Kabob Shop

Ahli Baba’s Kabob Shop serves a variety of foods including Greek and Vegetarian.

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Aqua Vitea

Vermont’s Own Aqua Viitea Kombucha is proud to be serving up cold refreshing kombucha at this years Liberate Festival! The ancient Kombucha elixer is an, all natural, organic detoxifying energy drink loaded with probiotics, vitamins, and organic and amino acids which combine to boost the immune system and invigorate the metabolism. In Health!

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Green Plate

Green Plate serves “Vermexican,” burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Prices are between $4.00 and $7.00 for fresh, organic, and local ingredients. Green Plate purchases from local farms and to keep the menu new and fresh. Half the menu is vegetarian.

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Barista Beans

We at Barista’s Beans specialize in roasting-to-order, only the finest shade grown coffees. Sustainable coffee is grown under shade-tree canopies, usually in high elevations. Coffee grown in the shade takes longer to ripen which improves the flavor but lowers the yield. We buy Fair-Trade, Rainforest-Alliance, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffees whenever possible. These certifications promote clean sustainable farming while preserving biodiversity and providing habitat for migratory birds and other animals. Not only does it improve quality of life for the animals, but the farmers and their families as well.

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Amee Farm stand

Amee Farm joins the Liberate Marketplace! Now you can bring organic farm fresh eggs and produce right to your campsite without leaving the festival grounds.

The Amee Farm is a luxury private home in Pittsfield, VT where guests are invited to experience a healthy and sustainable Vermont lifestyle, which they can incorporate into everyday life. The Amee Farm provides an ideal lodging and event spot for Corporate Retreats, Healthy Lifestyle Camps, Family Reunions, Group Vacations, and Men’s and Women’s Retreats. There are over 40 acres of manicured grounds, hiking, running, snowmobiling trails and a pristine organic farm.

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Interested in Vending at Liberate?  Download the vendor application here