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LIBERATE SCHOOL OF YOGA has a unique focus on the indivisible bond between our health as individuals with planetary health. From the Green Yoga Values Statement, “Yoga developed in the context of a close relationship with the earth and cosmos and a profound reverence for animals, plants, soil, water, and air. This reverence towards life is the basis of the Yogic teaching of ahimsa, or non-violence, non-injury, and non-harming.”

LIBERATE SCHOOL OF YOGA training is beneficial for any committed yoga student looking to deepen personal practice: current yoga teachers who wish enhance their abilities, aspiring yoga teachers, or practitioners who never intend to teach but are seeking to deepen their personal practice and relationship to both the body and mind.

At LSOY we are devoted to the ever expanding and understanding of the traditional practices of yoga as well as the uses in today’s society, and potential path toward future societies. Through focus on creating a trusting community we are able to explore the vast art, science and philosophies of yoga with open minds and full hearts.

LIBERATE SCHOOL OF YOGA is based on ancient yoga science, art, and philosophy. We encourage inquiry through practice, creative self-expression, and respect for the deep foundations of yoga rooted within each posture and breath based transition. Classically people practiced Hatha Yoga to prepare the body and mind for meditation. We honor this tradition.
Liberate instructors learn how to teach Modern Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a balanced practice of asana, or physical postures. Ha meaning Sun, and Tha meaning moon, in each Hatha Yoga sequence we give thanks to the solar powers of sustained energy and life, as well as to the lunar powers of reflection and self-inquiry. We offer instruction to lead Vinyasa, meaning breath based flow, weaving the postures of Hatha Yoga into a dance of dynamic stillness where the practitioner is invited to experience presence and self-knowing.

LIBERATE SCHOOL OF YOGA believes the natural laws of Yin and Yang seamlessly illustrate a balanced yoga practice. Our morning Hatha Yoga practices explore yang energies to provide structural awareness, tools for vitality, exercises to enhance strength, length, and flexibility of the spine, opportunities to tone the muscles of the core and upper body to encourage good health with age.

Our afternoon/evening practices, inspired by the yin element, provide a supportive vehicle for inner awareness, quiet and calm by encouraging students to let go much muscular effort, allowing the stretch to reach beyond the muscle tissue of the lower body, deep into the connective tissue and fascia binding bone to bone, supporting joint health. The yin approach to yoga encourages deep states of relaxation and self-awareness.

Through practice, we invite steadiness, comfort, and inner peace as much as possible within each pose, to honor their own ever-changing abilities and limitations (as well as those of their students), and to teach confidently from this knowing.

LSOY teacher training is a multidimensional course that educates aspiring yoga instructors in the skills, techniques, and philosophies required to safely, confidently, and effectively teach yoga classes. LSOY covers how to mentally and physically prepare for your classes, how to teach: warm-ups, over 25 traditional yoga postures that range from yin to yang, how to warm-up, sequence, and transition safely and creatively, how to cool energy and prepare for savasana, how to offer therapeutic yoga assists, basic anatomy and physiology knowledge, and helpful language tools for teaching yoga. Instructors receive technique breakdowns, knowledge in yoga philosophy, teaching experience practicum, and opportunities to explore electives. LSOY Instructors can safely apply yoga tools for myriad populations in different environments and situations.
This program is approved Yoga Alliance certified school.

This immersion-style training offers an intensive approach to yoga with tools to integrate the immersion back into your daily life at home. An average day may look like this schedule below and is subject to change with each group and location. During the weekend days, this schedule lessens slightly for students to explore their surroundings and enjoy personal time to rest, integrate and reflect.

We maintain intentionally small group sizes to maximize your personal attention and meet individuals learning goals. Weekdays, we meet at the beautiful All Souls Interfaith Gathering Center in Shelburne, VT.  We take some fun group-yoga excursions; otherwise, Saturdays and Sundays are a day off to integrate and rest.

Please note that there will be some non-contact homework assignments given throughout the course. The elective hours we require in our teacher training can be fulfilled at the Burlington Yoga Conference although if the conference does not fit into your schedule we can explore other options.

Sample Day:
7:45 am:
arrive at All Souls
8 –9:30 am: Pranayama + Yoga
9:30 – 10 am: Meditation
10 – 10:30 am: Self-Study/Tea and Snack Break
10:30 am – 12 pm: The Science of Yoga Experiential Lecture: (ex:// Anatomy, Alignment, Benefits and Contraindications)
12 – 1 pm: Lunch + Walk/Rest
1 – 2:30 pm: Ayurveda (ex:// Philosophy, Lifestyle, History)
2:30 – 3:30 pm: Confidence Teaching (ex:// Voice, Assists, Practice Teach)
3:30 – 4:30 pm: Pranayama + Yoga


Upon completion, Liberate School of Yoga students can teach in yoga studios, schools, corporations, privately in USA and overseas. Certification will qualify teachers to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 200 level.

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September 3rd - September 27, 2018 Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm ASIG Fridays- Study, Practice, + Excursions off site DROP IN WORKSHOPS NOW AVAILBLE
- We add in teaching opportunities for the group within the community during YTT (free, classes) as SEVA (service), and practice for you. - If you need housing. Previous students have found great home-stays in the Burlington area using CouchSurfing service and Air B and B. If you prefer one degree of separation, we can inquire with some local friends.

ABOUT THE RETREAT CENTER: LIBERATE SCHOOL OF YOGA creates opportunities to practice and study with devoted and experienced instructors in intimate and beautiful locations around the world. 2017 classes are primarily offered at All Souls Interfaith Gathering alongside a few other nearby yoga studios and in tranquil outdoor surroundings (like the onsite Labyrinth Sacred Earth Wheel. Located on beautiful Vermont land, All Souls has a warm inviting sense of welcome well as many windows to the majestic landscape. This package includes delicious vegetarian food sourced locally nearby as well as access to all of the amenities at the host facility. This training is located in Shelburne, VT, approximately 15 minutes south of Burlington and 2 hours south of Montreal. Blessed with the walking trails, rolling hills, lake, and mountain views, we are nestled in a sacred spot.

SIZE LSOY offers small group sizes to create maximum amounts of interaction time for students with faculty, for practice and practicum, as well as time for students to explore and attune to nature. Small retreats allow LSOY to work with each student’s unique learning style, goals, and yoga practice as an essential base for teaching yoga. Students are encourages to pursue their individual goals, find their voice, and focus their teachings.

PRESENTERS & COMPANY BACKGROUND EMP facilitates well-organized, intimate and transformative private and group yoga trainings. About EMP. Primary Faculty: Jane Lanza E-RYT, primary faculty of Liberate School of Yoga, began to devotedly study yoga and Buddhism in 2003 following a trip to Northern India. She was asked to teach yoga and meditation by one of her teachers in 2005, before being certified by Kripalu Center in 2006.  Jane served as a teaching assistant at Kripalu Center for various YTT programs. In 2011, Jane was initiated into the Babaji's Kriya Yoga lineage. Jane founded Liberate School of Yoga in 2014 with support from her production of Burlington Yoga Conference and Liberate Music and Yoga Festival. Visit Jane's website for more information.

Secondary Faculty & Excursions include: Grace Jull (Anatomy), The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont & Adena Rose Ayurveda, Jane Michaud (Kundalini intro.), Julia Howe Sullivan (Subtle Body, Sanskrit, Assists, Sadhana, Posture Clinics), Green Mountain School of Yoga's Yogiraj Prem Prakash (Philosophy/Satsang), Candace Taylor (Yogic Lens into Oppression), Metta Earth Institute's Gillian Comstock (Green Yoga), Danny Morris (Meditation), Melinda Kinzie (Sacred Sound Sanctuary), Yoga Vermont's Kathy McNames (Varayanaguru Yoga/ Yoga with Horses), and more.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? Four weeks of devoted yoga and meditation practice, objective self-study, healthy vegetarian meals, and a staff devoted to your understanding, ease, and well-being. This program is in accordance with the standard set for by Yoga Alliance as an RYS 200.

ECO-RETREAT + IMMERSION STYLE TRAINING TRAINING: LSOY leaves time for both immersion and integration. Offered in three (1-2 week) segments in Vermont, we specialize in small group sizes to meet individual needs within a YTT. Weeks of concentrated yoga and meditation throughout the training, nourishing food, community, relaxation, and fun, will leave you feeling connected and inspired. Schedule is approx Mondays through Fridays, 8 am- 4:30 pm. We leave nights and weekends off during this immersion. Yoga sessions, training, dining, and free-time are mostly spent at the retreat center though we will have the opportunity to take excursions and create adventures on a few days. Accommodations are available nearby for those traveling from out of state. Carpool options available. All Souls Interfaith Gathering offers a beautiful indoor yoga sanctuary, sunlit classroom, and eating spaces for our use. Time is created for students to explore the natural soundings and participate in optional excursions. Experiences in nature are created to enhance a sense of connection to and reverence for the Earth and world that we’re a part of, for an increased ability to attune, connect with ancient energies and insights, and grow. This program aims to align individuals with the cycles of nature (seasonal, lunar and solar, tides when at ocean) for a deep sense of harmony. This training includes admission too Burlington Yoga Conference.

HOW TO REGISTER To apply, contact LSOY now.  Within 2-3 weeks of the receipt of your application, you will be notified of your admissions decision via e-mail.

Maximum capacity for each program is intentionally small. We accept a small number of students on most immersions. If you are accepted in the training and the YTT becomes full, you can register for the wait-list, which remains open until the program’s start, or you may register for any training date within one year of your acceptance.
Payment Plans available in increments of 2, 4, or 6 payments.
VSAC offers non-degree grants for this training.
Contact VSAC to apply for a non-degree grants for this training. Each Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour, Yoga Teacher Training includes excursions, healing arts, and private consultations with faculty. Our unique retreat-oriented 4-week programs include the program fees, extra trips and classes, manual, 1 well-sourced and local, excellent vegetarian snack + meal per day, special events like Burlington Yoga Conference, and the ability to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

Liberate School of yoga has been a pivotal point in my yogic path and life's journey. The learning and transformation that has transpired here has been a much welcomed change for me, something I will always cherish. Liberate School of Yoga has a very special permanent place in my heart! ” – Jaclyn Wilksonson, Liberate RYT

I have practiced yoga throughout the U.S. and India and find that Jane is the most authentic teacher I have ever practiced with. She teaches out of intuition and is very aware of her students’ needs. In her class, I am warmed up so well that I am able to go deeper and more fully into my practice without hurting my body. She is grounded, down to earth, playful and her classes always leave me feeling like I got a workout and meditated at the same time. To put it simply, she is amazing!” -Melinda Haselton, President at Dolma

I have known Jane and have attended her superb yoga classes regularly since 2005. Jane is a vivacious, warm, attentive and caring teacher. I love walking into her class and seeing her welcoming face and feeling her open heart ready to greet each of us! Jane has many gifts as a creative young woman and teacher, but she is especially gifted at encouraging each student’s level of skill and self-acceptance with grace and humor. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Aimee Gaffney, M.A.C.P.

This was the most amazing experience! Every minute of it was magical, Jane created such a safe and nurturing space that was so conducive to deep learning. The guest faculty members enhanced our experience. The small group size allowed us all to have incredibly personalized attention. I cannot say enough amazing things about this training.” – Becky Groberg, Liberate RYT “My training at the Liberate School of Yoga was an experience of a lifetime. Jane and Lakshmi teach from their hearts and the heart of the yogic path.” – Theresa Hudziak, Liberate RYT

Jane has been my yoga teacher of choice for a number of years…not only is she well versed in her subject she approaches her teaching with a kindness and compassion that reaches far beyond any pose she could demonstrate…it is her approach to life that makes the most powerful impression. Jane is an artist, taking the philosophy she was taught and making it her own by bringing a real world spin to spirituality, meditation, and yoga practice. A special teacher, a special human, I recommend Jane’s classes to anyone even thinking about beginning a yoga practice as the most compassionate place to start. I am forever grateful to all she has taught me, and would recommend her highly for any endeavor related to her work.” – Kerin Rose, Artisan

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